Open Access | New volume in the ‘Translation, Interpreting and Transfer’ series!

Translation Policies in Legal and Institutional Settings
Edited by Marie Bourguignon, Bieke Nouws, and Heleen van Gerwen

Translating ‘grey literature’ and the role of institutional and legal translators

This edited volume documents the state of the art in research on translation policies in legal and institutional settings. Offering case studies of past and present translation policies from several parts of the world, it allows for a compelling comparison of attitudes towards translation in varying contexts.The book highlights the virtues of integrating different types of expertise in the study of translation policy: theoretical and applied; historical and modern; legal, institutional and political. It effectively illustrates how a multidisciplinary perspective furthers our understanding of translation policies and unveils their intrinsic link with topics such as multilingualism, linguistic justice, minority rights, and citizenship. In this way, each contribution sheds new light on the role of translation in the everyday interaction between governments and multilingual populations. Look inside >
Open Access ebook, ePDF 9789461664112, ePub 9789461664105
Paperback, € 27,00, ISBN 9789462702943, 15,6 x 23,4 cm, 288 p, Translation, Interpreting and Transfer 

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About the ‘Translation, Interpreting and Transfer’ series

Translation, Interpreting and Transfer takes as its basis an inclusive view of translation and translation studies. It covers research and scholarly reflection, theoretical and methodological, on all aspects of the core activities translation and interpreting, but also similar rewriting and recontextualisation practices such as adaptation, localisation, transcreation and transediting, keeping Roman Jakobson’s inclusive view on interlingual, intralingual and intersemiotic translation in mind. The title of the series, which includes the more encompassing concept of transfer, reflects this broad conceptualisation of translation matters.Through its Research Summer School and other activities, CETRA (Centre for Translation Studies) has a reputation in supporting young researchers unfold their potential and in fostering excellence. Besides monographs and edited volumes from established researchers, this series particularly welcomes proposals from PhD candidates and early-career researchers, English translations of PhD theses in other languages, and CETRA Summer School papers.
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