Deadline approaching for Venice International University summer school

Linguistic Landscapes: Using Signs and Symbols to Translate Cities (June 26-30, 2023)

Call for applications: December 1, 2022 – February 28, 2023, via the VIU website

This course focuses on the growing interdisciplinary field of Linguistic Landscapes (LL), which traditionally analyses “language of public road signs, advertising billboards, street names, place names, commercial shop signs, and public signs on government buildings”, usually as they occur in urban spaces. More recently, LL research has evolved beyond studying only verbal signs into the realm of semiotics, thus extending the analytical scope into the multimodal domain of images, sounds, drawings, movements, visuals, graffiti, tattoos, colours, smells as well as people. The school will look at how these landscapes translate cities.

Students will be informed about multiple aspects of modern LL research including an overview of different types of signs, their formal features as well as their functions.

Kurt Feyaerts, KU Leuven 
Claire Holleran, University of Exeter
Eliana Maestri, University of Exeter
Michela Maguolo, Iuav University of Venice
Luca Pes, Venice International University
Paul Sambre, KU Leuven
Richard Toye, University of Exeter

Who is it for?
Applications are welcome from current final year Undergraduates (finalists, BA3), MA and MPhil/PhD Students in Linguistics, Sociology, Classical Studies, (Business) Communication Studies, History, Cultural Studies, Political Studies, Translation Studies or any other related discipline.

Further details including fees and application form can be found here –

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