Dedicated to Lieven D’hulst: ‘Transfer Thinking in Translation Studies’

New volume | Translation, Interpreting and Transfer
This book is dedicated to Lieven D’hulst,
an enthusiastic colleague, passionate professor, eminent researcher,
and dear friend,
in honor of his unwavering commitment and dedication to translation studies,
his mentorship and support of aspiring scholars,
and his contagious desire to transfer knowledge and sympathy in Belgium
and beyond.

Transfer Thinking in Translation Studies. Playing with the Black Box of Cultural Transfer

Edited by Maud Gonne, Klaartje Merrigan, Reine Meylaerts, Heleen van Gerwen

Innovative and interdisciplinary approach to transfer
Transfer processes cover the most diverse phenomena of circulation, transformation and reinterpretation of cultural goods across space and time, and are among the driving forces in opening up the field of translation studies. Transfer processes cross linguistic and cultural boundaries and cannot be reduced to simple movements from a source to a target (culture or text). In a time of paradigm shifts, this book aims to explore the potential and interdisciplinary power of transfer as a concept and an analytical tool to account for complex cultural dynamics.The contributions in this book display various research angles (literary studies, imagology, translation studies, translator studies, periodical studies, postcolonialism) to study an array of entangled transfer processes that apply to different objects and aspects, ranging from literary texts, legal texts, news, images and identities to ideologies, power asymmetries, titles and heterolingualisms. By embracing a process-oriented way of thinking, all these contributions aim to open the ‘black box’ of transfer in the widest sense. Take a look inside

55,00 / £49.00, ISBN 9789462702639, 15,6 x 23,4 cm, paperback, 242 p., ebook available

About the series ‘Translation, Interpreting and Transfer’
Translation, Interpreting and Transfer takes as its basis an inclusive view of translation and translation studies. It covers research and scholarly reflection, theoretical and methodological, on all aspects of the core activities translation and interpreting, but also similar rewriting and recontextualisation practices such as adaptation, localisation, transcreation and transediting, keeping Roman Jakobson’s inclusive view on interlingual, intralingual and intersemiotic translation in mind. The title of the series, which includes the more encompassing concept of transfer, reflects this broad conceptualisation of translation matters. More information
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