Mission Statement 2019-2023

Looking forward to the next four years, CETRA has just renewed its Mission Statement. Here it is:

Building on its 30-year-old tradition CETRA – Centre for Translation Studies, driven by the research unit Translation Studies of the KU Leuven Faculty of Arts, wants to move forward as a diversified collective of internationally recognized experts, including scholars from outside Europe, who share the ambition not only to follow but also to steer current developments and trends in Translation Studies.

Advocating an open notion of “translation” (e.g., textual transfer practices such as interpreting, adaptation, localization, rewriting, etc.), CETRA wants to expand the field of Translation Studies and embrace recent methodologies (e.g., digital humanities) in order to strengthen its intrinsic intellectual vitality as well as its relevance for the humanities and for society.

In more specific terms, CETRA wants to focus on research training, primarily by organising a yearly intensive and interactive state-of-the-art research summer school. Its participants include PhD students as well as postdoctoral students, representing a wide range of disciplinary and geographical backgrounds. Participation in the summer school should help them shape and refine their research projects, and also empower them to engage in international scholarly debates about translation under all its aspects. In addition, it should advance the careers of the participants both within and outside academia, as well as offering personal enrichment.

Working together with partner institutes and centres, CETRA aims to organise a regular programme of lectures, to be made widely accessible to all interested scholars and students.

CETRA wants to continue playing a leading role in international debates about the future of PhD programmes and research education more generally, in a conscious effort to respond to the continuously changing scientific, professional and societal needs.

By (co-)organising and promoting conferences and symposia, and by developing a new book series in Translation Studies, CETRA wants to serve as a platform for scholars to discuss cutting-edge issues in the field, thus building synergy between researchers from different backgrounds and traditions.

CETRA wants to widen the intellectual horizon of Translation Studies through debate and discussion by hosting visiting scholars for short or long stays and by collaborating with relevant research centres.


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