TradiTour Summer School

The department of Italian Language and Culture at Leiden University is pleased to announce TradiTour, a summer school on translation issues and practices, from a theoretical point of view, but also enriched from bottom up experiences. The lectures are given in Italian, Dutch, and English. The course will be fully online, with leading experts as guest speakers – from lecturers to translators – which name should be mentioned more often on book covers and posters, like this one.

>>> Enrollment is FREE but mandatory. Click here to register in advance for this meeting.After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Summer School.

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Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

TradiTour – Programma

9.30 – 11.30 
Pierangela Diadori (Università per Stranieri di Siena) 
Tradurre per il turismo: da e verso l’italiano

15.00 – 17.00 
Jan van der Haar (vertaler Italiaans-Nederlands)
De (on)vertaalbaarheid van Dolores Prato


9.30 – 11.30 Susana Valdez (Universiteit Leiden)
Subtitling for streaming

15.00 – 17.00 Franco Paris (Università di Napoli “L’Orientale”)
Tradurre narrativa e saggistica, tra messaggio e stile


9.30 – 11-30 Heidi Salaets (KU Leuven)
Je bent geen tolk als je twee talen spreekt. Je kan het wel worden. Het belang van zorgvuldig tolken en duidelijke communicatie

15.00 – 17.00 Charles Le Blanc (University of Ottawa)
Una Storia naturale della traduzione


9.30 – 11.30 Francesca Terrenato (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”)
Translating the poetic word. Ilija Leonard Pfeijffer, Anneke Brassinga and Antije Krog in Italian (and English)
15.00 – 17.00 Dolores Ross (Università di Trieste)
Come perfezionare alcune strategie traduttive basandosi sulle differenze tipologiche fra la lingua italiana e quella neerlandese?—————————


9.30 – 11.30 Manon Smits (vertaalster)
Lastige vertaalkwesties vanuit het Italiaans

15.00 – 17.00 Panel with translators
Translating Elena Ferrante WIth the Greek, Dutch and Brasilian translators of this best-selling, but still anonymous, author! Follow us on FACEBOOK:Traditour, DAY 1
Traditour, DAY 2Traditour, DAY 3Traditour, DAY 4Traditour, DAY 5Please register here/ Schrijf je hier in:

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