Translation in Society (TRiS) announces its inaugural issue

Translation in Society (TRiS), the new journal dedicated to interdisciplinary research at the intersection of translation studies and the social sciences, is pleased to announce the publication of its inaugural issue, ‘Translating the Extreme’, with contributions from Brian James Baer, Salah Basalamah, Michael Cronin, Nicole Doerr and Beth Gharrity Garnder, David Inglis, and Luc van Doorslaer and Jack McMartin.

Translation in Society offers a platform for the growing amount of research in translation studies that draws on sociological theories and methodologies. It also seeks to contribute to the growing visibility of translation within the humanities and the social sciences more broadly, fostering new research that reveals the social relevance of translation in a wide variety of domains, while promoting at the same time self-reflexivity on the translational aspects of knowledge-production in disciplines such as sociology, political science, policy studies and anthropology.

Are you looking to place a piece of original research with TRiS? We are still accepting high-quality papers for issue 1:2, to be published later this year. For more on the inaugural issue, the scope of the new journal, or to submit a paper, see

Luc van Doorslaer, editor ‘Translation in Society’

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