Call for book chapters: ‘Translation flows: Exploring networks of people, processes and products’

“Following from the 2019 Congress of the European Society for Translation Studies, we are compiling an edited volume under the provisional title Translation flows: Exploring networks of people, processes and products, to be published by John Benjamins Publishing. The book will be a peer-reviewed volume of full-length contributions showing the interconnectedness of different thematic fields in translation studies through the productive framework of networks and flows.

The 2019 Congress theme of “Living Translation” included numerous current topics, such as the role of translation in the lived experience of the Other, in fake news, mass communication, power and ideology, oral histories, the hegemony of English, accessibility, inclusivity, education, gender, and transformation, since these practices all imply, implicate or employ translation in some way. Furthermore, the interaction between translation studies and many other fields of study was also foregrounded, both in traditional links like those with linguistics, cultural studies and literature, or with more recent developments and concerns like Big Data, the Anthropocene, globalization, and the like.

A common theme that came to the fore in numerous contributions, whether as a methodological or analytical basis, or as a subject in itself, was that of “flows”, both within networks and between them. Translation and translation studies are clearly concerned with flows of languages, peoples, cultures, products, and numerous other societal and technical aspects. Furthermore, translation studies in itself is dynamic and ever-changing, fluid and flowing in its own right.

We hereby invite you to submit a chapter based on the work that links to the theme of this book.

Confirmation and abstract submission

1. Please submit your abstract to Ilse Feinauer at by no later than Monday 19 July 2021.

2. Abstract requirements:

a. Please relate your abstract clearly to the main book theme of “flows”.

b. Please include 5 keywords.

c. Length: 400-500 words (excluding references)

3. Technical requirements for chapters, including length requirements and referencing standards, will be communicated upon acceptance of your proposal.

4. Completed chapters will be expected by 30 November 2021, after which the peer review process will commence.”

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