Call for Participants to the 2021 CETRA Summer School

In order to contribute to the fight against the international spread of the coronavirus, the Board of CETRA decided already in April 2020 to postpone the 32nd Research Summer School in Translation Studies for one year, with the very same Chair Professor, James Brian Baer, and programme. Accepted participants who wish to attend next year don’t have to apply again. More information will follow in due time. 

32nd Research Summer School in Translation Studies

University of Leuven, Leuven Campus, Belgium

16-27 Aug 2021                                  

CETRA Chair Professor: Brian James BAER (Kent State University, Ohio, US)

In 1989 José Lambert created a special research program in Translation Studies at the University of Leuven in order to promote research training in the study of translational phenomena and to stimulate high-level research into the cultural functions of translation. Since then, this unique program has attracted talented PhD students, postdocs and young scholars who spend two weeks of research under the supervision of a team of prominent scholars, and under the supervision of the Chair Professor, an annually appointed expert in the field of Translation Studies. From 1989 on, the program has hosted participants from Austria to Australia, from Brazil to Burundi, and from China to the Czech Republic. As an illustration of the multi-campus model of CETRA, the 2020 edition of the Summer School will be organized at the Leuven campus of the KU Leuven, in the city center of Leuven.

The list of CETRA professors may serve as an illustration of the program’s openness to the different currents in the international world of Translation Studies: †Gideon Toury (Tel Aviv, 1989), Hans Vermeer (Heidelberg, 1990), Susan Bassnett (Warwick, 1991), Albrecht Neubert (Leipzig, 1992), Daniel Gile (Paris, 1993), Mary Snell-Hornby (Vienna, 1994), †André Lefevere (Austin, 1995), Anthony Pym (Tarragona, 1996), Yves Gambier (Turku, 1997), Lawrence Venuti (Philadelphia, 1998), Andrew Chesterman (Helsinki, 1999), Christiane Nord (Magdeburg, 2000), Mona Baker (Manchester, 2001), Maria Tymoczko (Amherst, Massachusetts, 2002), Ian Mason (Edinburgh, 2003), Michael Cronin (Dublin, 2004), †Daniel Simeoni (Toronto, 2005), Harish Trivedi (Delhi, 2006), Miriam Shlesinger (Tel Aviv, 2007), Kirsten Malmkjaer (London, 2008), Martha Cheung (Hong Kong, 2009), Sherry Simon (Montreal, 2010), Christina Schaeffner (Aston, 2011), Franz Pöchhacker (Vienna, 2012), Michaela Wolf (Graz, 2013), Arnt Lykke Jakobsen (Copenhagen, 2014), Judy Wakabayashi (Kent, USA, 2015), Jeremy Munday (Leeds, UK, 2016), Leo Tak-hung Chan (Hong Kong, 2017), Sandra L. Halverson (Bergen, Norway, 2018), Jemina Napier (Edinburgh, UK, 2019).

Summer School staff

Pieter Boulogne, Elke Brems, Leo Tak-hung Chan, Dirk Delabastita, Ben De Witte, Isabelle Delaere, Lieven D’hulst, Dilek Dizdar, Peter Flynn, Daniel Gile, Haidee Kotze, Reine Meylaerts, Francis Mus, Franz Pöchhacker, Sara Ramos Pinto, Heidi Salaets, Jeroen Vandaele, Luc van Doorslaer, Beatrijs Vanacker & Piet Van Poucke.

Basic activities and components of the Summer School

  • Public Lectures by the CETRA Professor on key topics. A preliminary reading list will be furnished and all topics are to be further developed in discussions.
  • Theoretical-methodological seminars given by the CETRA staff. Basic reading materials will be made available in advance.
  • Tutorials: individual discussions of participants’ research with the CETRA Professor and the CETRA staff.
  • Workshops in small groups according to topic or methodology
  • Students’ papers: presentation of participants’ individual research projects followed by open discussion.
  • Publication: each participant is invited to submit an article based on the presentation, to be refereed and published in an edited volume.

Please find below the provisional programme of the 2021 CETRA Summer School and a detailed description of its application procedure (two rounds).


Admission policy:

  • Lectures of the CETRA Chair Professor: open to everyone
  • Seminars: 50€ per seminar for non Summer School participants. Please register at least 24h in advance at
  • Tutorials: only for Summer School participants
  • Students’ presentations: only for participants and CETRA alumni
  • CETRA alumni who wish to attend larger parts of the programme: please contact at least 2 weeks in advance

Monday 16 August

  • 3.00 – 3.30 pm: Registration (room LETT 8.16)
  • 3.30 – 4.45 pm: Briefing for all participants (room LETT 8.16) + library tour
  • 5 pm: Academic opening session (room LETT 8.16)
  • 6.30 pm: Reception (hall Erasmus Building)

Tuesday 17 August

Wednesday 18 August

  • 9.30 am: Seminar by Franz Pöchhacker: Methodological approaches in translation and interpreting research (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 11 am: Coffee break
  • 11.30 am-1 pm: Tutorials* and library work
  • 1-2 pm: Lunch
  • 2-3.30 pm: Seminar by Leo Tak-hung Chan: Free Translation, Adaptation and Imitation (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 4-6 pm: Tutorials* and library work

Thursday 19 August

  • 9 am-11.30 am: Tutorials* and library work
  • 11.30 am: Lecture by CETRA Chair Professor Brian James Baer: Translation in Diasporic Communities: Is This an In-between? (room LETT 8.16)
  • 1-2 pm: Lunch
  • 2-5 pm: Parallel workshops according to topic or methodology
    • Piet Van Poucke & Pieter Boulogne: Retranslation
    • Leo Chan & Luc van Doorslaer: Translating and/or Adapting National and Cultural Images
    • Elke Brems & Lieven D’hulst: Translation and Reception Studies
    • Sara Ramos Pinto & Isabelle Delaere: (Multimedial) Corpora
    • Franz Pöchhacker & Heidi Salaets & Daniel Gile: Interpreting Studies
  • 7 pm: Dinner in restaurant in Leuven

Friday 20 August

  • 9.30-11.30 am: Library work and tutorials*
  • 11.30 am: Seminar by Sara Ramos Pinto: Rethinking TS concepts through an AVT lense (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 1-2 pm: Lunch
  • 2-3.30 pm: Seminar by Heidi Salaets: Interdisciplinary research and impact: fiction or facts? (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 3.30-5.30 pm: Library work and tutorials*

Monday 23 August

  • 10 am: Seminar by Jeroen Vandaele: Translation and ideology: Understanding what counts in small amounts (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 11 am: Coffee break
  • 11.30 am: Lecture by CETRA Chair Professor Brian James Baer: What Translation Can Do for Global Sexuality Studies (room LETT 8.16)
  • 1-2 pm: Lunch
  • 2-4 pm: Student presentations
  • 4-6 pm: Library work and tutorials*

Tuesday 24 August

  • 9.30 am:  Seminar by Haidee Kotze: Converging what and how to find out why: Methods in empirical translation studies (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 11 am: Coffee break
  • 11.30 am – 1 pm: Student presentations
  • 1-2 pm: Lunch
  • 2-3.30 pm: Student presentations
  • 4-6 pm: Library work and tutorials*

Wednesday 25 August

Thursday 26 August

  • 9.30 am: Seminar by Dilek Dizdar: Working with case studies, with examples from the history of philosophy translation (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 11 am: Coffee break
  • 11.30 am – 1 pm: Student presentations (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 1-2 pm: Lunch
  • 2-3.30 pm: Student presentations (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 4-6 pm: Library work and tutorials*
  • 7 pm: Dinner in Leuven restaurant

Friday 27 August

  • 9-10.25 am: Seminar by Dirk Delabastita: Publishing in Translation Studies (rooms LETT 00.08)
  • 10.25-10.30 am: Information about the publication of the CETRA papers by Haidee Kotze (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 10.30-10.45 am: Coffee break
  • 10.45-12: Workshop by Haidee Kotze: Peer Reviewing in Translation Studies (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 1-2.30 pm: Student presentations (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 2.30-2.45 pm: Coffee break
  • 2.45-4.15 pm: Student presentations (room MSI 1 00.08)
  • 4.15 pm: Closing drink

*Tutorials will be given by all CETRA Summer School teaching staff members, as well as by the Chair Professor Brian Baer.


Application in two rounds

Participation in the CETRA Research Summer School is limited to a maximum of 25 students (KU Leuven PhD students not included). The Board welcomes PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, but also scholars and professionals who are actively interested or involved in research in Translation and Interpreting Studies are invited to apply.

Since in some cases participants may need extra time for visa application and application for funding, the application procedure consists of two different rounds with separate deadlines.

First Round (for early birds)
Application deadline: will be made available in due time
Notification of acceptance: will be made available in due time

Second Round
Application deadline: will be made available in due time
Notification of acceptance: will be made available in due time

Students applying for the Summer School are required to send a motivation letter and a recent curriculum vitae to Steven Dewallens. In addition, they have to fill in the relevant online application form:

Based on this information, the CETRA Board will evaluate all applications, both for the first and the second round.

Accepted students will be required to send a copy of their ID/Visa, a photograph and a short bio note (200-300 words) to Steven Dewallens.


The total enrolment fee is € 1250. This sum includes the following: participation in the workshops, seminars and lectures; individual tutorials with the staff members whose expertise is relevant to your topic; warm lunches offered in the university restaurant Alma during week days; two shared dinners in a restaurant; registration as KU Leuven visiting scholar, with access to library and computer facilities and insurance. The fee does not cover travel expenses and housing.

CETRA will apply for funding from the Flemish government’s YouReCa scheme (Young Researchers’ Careers). If this subsidy is indeed awarded, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers affiliated with Flemish universities will be able to participate at the reduced rate of € 600. If this subsidy is not awarded, then participants affiliated with KU Leuven will be able to participate at the reduced rate of € 1000.

The payment of the fee is due upon written notification that the application has been accepted.


CETRA is sponsoring 4 scholarships of € 400 to registered participants of the CETRA 2020 Research Summer School. Applicants must fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • having specific financial needs;
  • having been accepted by the CETRA Board (see above);
  • having paid the advance of € 400;
  • submitting a motivation letter to the administrative coordinator of CETRA, Steven Dewallens (deadline: 15 May 2020). When writing this letter, applicants should keep in mind that the CETRA board will base its decision not only on their personal circumstances but also on the overall merit and potential impact of their research project. Please note that participants affiliated with Flemish universities cannot apply for these scholarships.
Payment policy

An advance of € 400 has to be paid by 15 May 2021. No exceptions are allowed. If the advance is not paid by 15 May, your place will be offered to candidates on the standby list. The remaining € 850 has to be paid before 17 June 2021.

Payment can be made:

1. by bank transfer to

KBC Bank
Brusselsesteenweg 100
3000 Leuven

For international payments please make use of the international IBAN code for fast payment: BE09 4320 0000 1157


KU Leuven
Krakenstraat 3
3000 Leuven

Please mention the following structured communication: 400/0018/97502 first name + second name.

Note: Please send a copy of the bank transfer to Steven Dewallens.

2. by credit card

Please follow this link (click in the right corner for the English version).

Cancellation of participation

Cancellations must be sent via e-mail to Steven Dewallens.

  • For cancellations made before 3 July, an administrative cost of € 200 will be withheld from the refund.
  • 75% cancellation fee charged for cancellations made between 3 July and 10 August.
  • All refunds will be made after the Summer School.
  • For cancellations after 10 August no refunds can be made.
Accommodation and travel info

Venue of the Summer School: KU Leuven Campus Leuven, Blijde-Inkomststraat 21, 3000 Leuven. For travel info please click here.

For more information about the city of Leuven, please visit the following website:

For accommodation please visit Also have a look at

Accommodation is not organized through CETRA, but by the participants themselves.


Feel free to address any questions about the programme to Pieter Boulogne, the director of CETRA.

For administrative questions please contact Steven Dewallens, the administrative coordinator of CETRA.

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