Call for Papers of the Academy of International Business 2020 Conference ‘HOW CROSSING BORDERS CHANGES BUSINESS’

Our colleague Rebecca Piekkari (Aalto University) would like to inform you about the next annual meeting of the Academy of International Business (AIB), which is about translation. She and Susanne Tietze are co-chairing a track on International Business as Translation: How crossing borders changes business. The deadline for submitting papers is December 2, 2019.

International business as translation: How crossing borders changes business

Co-Chairs: Rebecca Piekkari, Aalto University, Susanne Tietze, Sheffield Hallam University,

Crossing borders transforms business and the concept of translation illuminates this transformation. We welcome papers that explore, from a translation perspective, the travel and transformation of products, services, management models and practices across borders. Translation means changing the original – both in a metaphorical and interlingual sense – to make it accessible and legitimate to receiving audiences in multilingual contexts. It highlights the role of translators who choose what (not) to translate. We invite papers that examine how organizations manage translation processes and develop translation capabilities and what challenges translators face when spanning boundaries. As things get changed through translation, when does “imperfect” translation lead to innovations? We also welcome contributions that engage with cross-language research, processes of Englishization and knowledge production, and multimodal (visual, verbal, material) translation.

Keywords: translation; translators; translation processes; translation capabilities; interlingual translation; multilingualism; language diversity; processes of Englishization; metaphorical translation; linguistic imperialism; colonial languages; language-based hierarchies and power; equivalence of meaning; cross-language research and knowledge production; organization theory; institutional theory; translation studies; multimodal translation; sociolinguistics; public policy.

For more information, see the attached Call for Papers or visit

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