Lecture on Ideology and Translation by Jeroen Vandaele during 2020 CETRA Summer School

Summer is coming! We are excited to announce that our colleague Jeroen Vandaele from Ghent University has kindly accepted our invitation to present a lecture on Ideology and Translation during the 2020 CETRA Research Summer School in Translation Studies.

Jeroen Vandaele…

JVDteaches literary translation (Spanish-Dutch) and Hispanic literatures at Ghent University. From 2008 until 2017 he was professor of Spanish at the University of Oslo, teaching cognitive poetics, translation studies, and discourse analysis. His forthcoming project, funded by the Special Research Fund at Ghent University, is “Totalitarian Translation: Francoist Techniques of Text Stabilization.” He is currently a member of the advisory board for literary translation at Literatuur Vlaanderen, the literature fund of the Flemish Government.

Expertise for tutorials: ideology and translation, cognitive poetics, narratology (including film narratology), comedy and translation, translation theory

Email: jkm.vandaele@ugent.be

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