Prof. Piet Van Poucke joins our teaching staff during the CETRA Research Summer School of 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that Professor Piet Van Poucke (Ghent University) has kindly accepted to strengthen our teaching staff during the 2020 edition of the CETRA Research Summer School in Translation Studies.

Piet Van Poucke…

PVPis Associate Professor in Russian Language and Culture and head of the Russian section of the department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication (Faculty of Arts and Philosophy) at Ghent University. He holds a Master’s degree in East European Languages and Cultures and obtained his PhD in 1999 with a dissertation on the early literary work of the Russian-Jewish writer Ilya Ehrenburg.

He is member of the steering committee of the Russia Platform (Ghent University) and coordinator of the annual series of lectures organized by CERISE (Centre for Russian International Socio-political and Economic studies, Ghent University).

His current research activities deal with retranslation and retranslation theory, literary and journalistic translation (from and into Russian), translation of metaphor in journalistic texts, and translation policy of Russian literature into Western languages and vice versa.

He was guest editor of the special volume of IJLL on “Novel insights in the linguistic study of literary translation” and the special volume of Cadernos de Tradução with a selection of papers from the “Retranslation in Context III” conference in Ghent (2017).

Expertise for tutorials during the CETRA research summer school: retranslation theory, translation and censorship, (literary) translation from and into Russian, translation of newspaper articles, metaphor translation.


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