Haidee Kotze…

krugeris Professor of Translation Studies at Utrecht University. Previously, she was a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics at Macquarie University in Australia. She completed her PhD in Translation Studies in 2010 at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. Her first monograph was published in 2012 by John Benjamins, titled Postcolonial polysystems: The production and reception of translated children’s literature in South Africa. In 2013 she was the co-recipient of the European Society for Translation Studies (EST) Young Scholar Award for this monograph.

Haidee’s current research interests focus on language variation and change in contact settings, with an emphasis on both the psycholinguistic and social conditions of language contact. She has a particular interest in understanding translation as a type of bilingual language processing, making use of quantitative corpus-linguistic methods as well as experimental methods derived from writing and reading research, including eye-tracking, keylogging and screen recording. She is also involved in a project to write a grammar of Afrikaans, and is a participant in the international Varieties of English in the Indo-Pacific (VEIP) research project. Haidee also holds an honorary position in the research focus area Understanding and Processing Language in Complex Settings (UPSET) at the North-West University in South Africa.

Expertise for tutorials during the CETRA research summer school: corpus linguistics and translation, translation process research, translation reception studies, translation and language contact, translation and multilingualism, translation and children’s literature 

Email: h.kotze@uu.nl