Anne Reynders…

Passeport-35x45 mmis associate professor (senior lecturer) at KU Leuven, Campus Antwerp and is member of the research unit Translation and Intercultural Transfer. She defended her PhD about the Dutch translation of the Old French Partonopeu de Blois in 1999 (published in 2002). She lectures in Cultural Studies, Translation (and Interpreting) Studies and Literary and Rhetorical Analysis.

Her research is at the same time focused (on translator’s and interpreter’s output) and profoundly interdisciplinary. Her studies of interpreter’s output draw on insights of Interpreting Studies and Classical Rhetoric. Her analyses of translations focus on Middle Dutch translations of Old French literary texts and combine theories and methods of Middle Dutch Studies and Translation Studies.

Reynders’ current research centres on Die Rose (ca. 1280-1325), the Brabantine translation of the Old French Roman de la Rose (ca. 1280). The main focus is on the relation between the Middle Dutch translation and its French source, but there is also sustained attention for variance between the different versions of Die Rose and the interaction of Die Rose and its co-texts in multi-text codices.